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31 05 2009

Truth Matters Newsleter – June 2004  Vol. 8 No.6 – More Ministry Fruit- by Bob Liichow

I am always humbled when I receive reports like these because I know that any good fruit that is produced by our portion of His ministry is due solely to our Lord Jesus Christ. (John 15:5) and I am very careful to give Him all the glory. Let me also say how deeply grateful we are for each and everyone who supports our mission with their prayers and finances. The only reason these people’s lives were able to be impacted by DMI was because God touched the hearts of some of our readers to support us financially. We have a big vision, which frankly, is only limited by our financial capacity to carry it out. Please read the following testimonies and rejoice if you are currently supporting DMI. If you are not, consider becoming a partner with us and help us reach more people with God’s truth.

Good morning Rev. Liichow, 

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I assume that you are a very busy (but not overburdened) man of God. I feel free to talk to you because I don’t feel vulnerable and because you’ve ’been there’. It good to know that other brothers and sisters have made it thru spiritually abusive situations.  I guess I sort of wonder-quite bluntly- if the leader was really saved? I’ve read Beth Moore’s book ’When Godly people do ungodly things’ but it still makes me wonder how someone could repeat the ’sinning’ over and over and over? The Word was preached – but the rat poison was slowly mixed in. Thank you again for your time and prayers. May God bless you and your family. 

Alvin B.

Frankly, our ministry is one of the few that makes itself so accessible to those in need. As I stated in an earlier newsletter, I make myself available at all times to speak with, counsel and pray with people who have questions about ministries, doctrines, practices, or whatever their prayer requests are. I was glad to speak with you my brother!

Hi Mr. Liichow,    Your e-mail contained two pleasant surprises. The first is that it came so quickly. The second is that it came from you personally. I feel honored! I would not have even checked the mail this evening under normal circumstances.    In His service, Eugene Fleming

Even though DMI receives over 300 e-mail messages per week, I do answer them personally (like I have a secretary to handle this) and teat each inquiry as seriously as a face-to-face talk.

Brother Bob:

We just received your newsletter concerning the info on “Emma” Great!!  I hope you can “wake up” some people before they are totally sucked in by this nonsense. We attend a good size United Methodist Church and our pastor is involved with some of these people through The World Prayer Center, Peter Wagner, Ted Haggard, Tommy Tenney, Terry Teikle and others. When I try to reason with anyone in our circle of friends I am treated like a heretic for questioning the Pastor. “There goes Jim again” is about all the attention I can gender…I am pretty slow, but it looks like I am in the wrong church. Anyway, thanks for putting us on your mailing list.

Through His Blood, Jim & Donna Q. , Orlando, FL.

No problem my brother. We have never refused to send anyone our newsletter. If people cannot afford the $20.00 per year subscription fee, they still receive it. We are blessed to know people are reading it and sharing it with others. Always glad to add another “heresy-hunter” to the growing army of the concerned regarding the direction of our Lord’s Church.

Dear Pastor Liichow,   You say you are not bitter, but I am. I believe the Lord led me out of the WOF movement 12 years ago and eventually the charismatic movement although I still do not completely reject that even though I do not practice it anymore. I do reject the WOF and find myself too often in the presence of someone or another who is following Joyce Meyer or John Hagee or one of the professional WOF preachers. I have tried to pass on information to these friends, some from your website and some from other websites. I don’t think they read it though because in following conversations they don’t seem to remember what was in the article or what I have said. I am to the point of considering telling them that they are going down a road that I already traveled and now completely reject so I really cannot help them if they do not want to listen. I simply cannot go back down that road. I admit to anger and impatience when it comes to any of the WF people, teachings and followers. My son and his wife and children are really big, into Copeland and Hagin. I wouldn’t even say a word to them because I fear that it could result in a big blowup after which a big wall would go up. I might possibly not be allowed to see my grandchildren. Do you have any suggestions for me. Francessca

I did offer counsel to Francessca, and tried to encourage her not to allow a root of bitterness to take hold of her heart. Often our detractors accuse us of being “bitter” because we failed to receive what we confessed or sat under some poor leaders. No, we are not bitter.  Actually, I tend more towards battling discouragement versus bitterness. It is difficult to continually swim upstream and see millions blithely floating downstream being mislead and deceived by various false Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers, ignoring our warnings. I get discouraged when I see the wicked prospering financially and our ministry and others like ours can barely pay the bills.

copyright © 2004 by Robert Liichow



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