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31 05 2009

Truth Matters Newsletter-June 2004 Vol.8 No6 – The Development of a Heresy-Hunter Or Happy 48th Birthday Bob!

scanbobdaughter0001When I met my husband, he was a firebrand within our small University of Michigan, Word of Faith church called “Greater Faith Christian Center.” Back then I guess I would have said it was the anointing on him that drew me, but now many years later I know it was the Lord. We received both encouragement and discouragement regarding our future together as a ministry team and as husband and wife. Even in a liberal town like Ann Arbor, Michigan some people did not cotton to the idea of an interracial couple, yet many within our church did. We prayed and Bob called me his pearl of great price and he could have cared less what people, society, family, or whatever thought about us. All he knew was that we loved one another. He even made a literal blood covenant, complete with promises with me one evening. This boy was serious.

I guess it was then that I noticed a tenacity and passion that other men I knew did not possess. He really did not care what other people thought, he was unafraid to take a stand against the prevailing cultural winds no matter how hard they beat against him, and later, us as a young married couple. When he knew it was God’s will for us to get married then there were no forces on earth, no principalities or powers that could deter him.

We’ve been married for 21 years this coming July and I have stood by his side for almost half his life. I have seen him grow in Christ, been with him through the highest highs of charismatic ecstasy and the lowest depths of depression as the crushing weight of God’s Word was truly revealed to him as well as myself in seminary.

Through God’s mercy we were both enabled to attend Michigan Theological Seminary  ( ) and we were mentored by Dr. H. Wayne House, who, was raised a member of the Pentecostal Church of God of Prophecy. Dr. House became a close friend of ours. Wayne was the instrument the Lord used to foment within Bob the desire to “Teach Truth & Expose Error.”  Since Bob and I had been part of five distinct “moves” within the charismatic renewal movement we believed we were well suited to speak out about the myriad of problems plaguing the renewal movement. Bob and I have been there and literally done that  (I’ve see my husband lay hands on the dead in caskets and command them to rise!)

It was during our time in seminary that the Lord led Bob to start this Apologetics/Polemics/Counter-cult ministry. He knew two things very intimately: First, he knew too many people who were wounded, wandering, sheep who had left the Church with no shepherd to go after them. Secondly, he knew a great deal about the inner-workings of some of the leaders within the renewal movement. Once God shown the light of His Word to Bob, he became like a bobcat who would rather die then give up its goal. I saw the fire of God in his eyes burn brighter then ever before as layer after layer of deception was stripped away. Like a man who has cataracts on his eyes, Bob’s vision became clearer and stronger as more sound doctrine was poured into him.

Now for the last seven years by the grace of God Bob has devoted himself full-time to reaching out to rescue people who are unknowingly wandering in darkness and those who God has recently opened their eyes to His truth.

Has it been easy? In no way!  He has sacrificed and taught me and now our daughter the meaning of dying to self and what is eternally important. He has shown us how to wear this world’s possessions as a very loose garment. Has it been fruitful? In every way!  Fruitful financially? Not a bit, Bob could have and still could do much “better” financially in other venues, yet this ministry is what he is called and equipped for. The fruit has been the hundred’s of lives God has changed through his ministry.

My dear brothers and sisters, will you please remember my husband in your prayers? Our Lord has given my husband a big vision that can bless literally thousands of people around the world, but God does not “rain down” $20.00 bills from heaven. He uses ordinary people, like you and me. Sure I could pull the ole birthday blessing promise; you all know it, “sow” $4.80, $48, $480, or $4,800 to bless the man-of-God this month. I could cut up his sweaty t-sirt and offer it as a prayer cloth to heal your sick or save your lost family members, but you and I know as Rocky used to tell Bullwinkle “that trick never works”, and besides I really do fear God too much to make such a foolish statement. I do ask that you sincerely pray and help DMI this month and throughout the summer. This month I ask you to please not neglect the enclosed scanbobseeker0001envelope, but send something in if all our readers simpscan0001ly send in $5.00 per month faithfully our ministry needs would be met. Let me tell you that Bob is very thankful for all of you who help keep DMI running. During the summer donations generally get fairly sparse but we praise God that this is not the case with our supporters. Our prayer is that God will raise up more people, churches, and businesses to work with us.  


copyright © 2004 by Robert Liichow



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