We Thank God For Your Prayers

11 06 2009

Truth Matters Newsletter – Oct 2004 Vol. 8 Issue 10 – We Thank God For Your Prayers – Rev. Bob Liichow

We Thank God For Your Prayers

We know that many of you pray for our family and ministry on a regular basis (we also pray daily for our partners too) and I wanted to share a testimony!

On the third of October I was driving our daughter, Dominique, to school as usual. It was 8:05 AM when we entered the rush hour flow of traffic on I-696 in our Saturn.

We were driving in the left center lane when suddenly a double long gravel hauling semi-truck zoomed up to us in the left lane and decided to come over into our center lane. The driver obviously did not see us and his front right tire plowed into the left front end of our Saturn. The force of his impact spun us around 360 degrees and we found ourselves being “T-boned” by the semi-truck. The airbag deployed and all I could see from my window was nothing but a huge grill and 2 big tires pushing us sideways down the busy highway. I told Dominique who had been asleep in the front seat to “hang on” all the while calling out to Jesus.

The semi pushed us at least 100 feet down the highway and when he was able to slow down I redirected our car forward and rolled over into the left shoulder. He continued at least another 400 feet before he could stop on the shoulder.

Long story short. The Saturn was totally demolished, but Dominique and I were able to walk away virtually unharmed (I say virtually, because I suffered from some very painful muscle strain in my back and a few bruises.

We thank God for your prayers and we are extremely grateful to our Savior for allowing us to continue Teaching Truth & Exposing Error on the planet for a while longer! ♦

copyright © 2004  Rev. Bob Liichow





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