A Brief Note of Thanks

25 06 2009

Truth Matters Newsletter – February 2005 – Vol. 10 Issue 2 – A Brief Note of Thanks – by Rev. Robert Liichow

Just a brief note of thanksgiving to our Lord for the faithful partners He has raised up! You are continually held up in prayer in our daily family devotions. We have several goals for the ministry this year, but this article proved to be too long to go into them in this issue.

We are also grateful for those who sent in their subscription renewal’s, as I shared in the last issue DMI “profits” less than $2.00 per subscription per year. So we are asking that many of our subscribers would please prayerfully consider-becoming monthly partners at whatever level they can afford.  If we all give something, then DMI will be able to expand its outreach on many levels. May the true presence of Christ fill your households this Lenten season and always.

Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Truth Matters   P.O. Box 15639  Detroit, Michigan 48215

Email: heresyhunter@hotmail.com



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