The Purpose of This Series

29 06 2009
Truth Matters Newsletter – March 2005 – Vol. 10 Issue 3 – The Purpose of This Series – by Rev. Robert Liichow

The Purpose of This Series

Our purpose in writing this series of articles is to help “arm” the Body of Christ with the truth concerning a dangerous and fast growing cult in the midst of the Church. The Word of Faith is a cult.  They preach another Gospel, another Jesus and obviously are hearing from another spirit.

Each of these issues is only a taste of what these heretics are teaching to millions  of professing Christians. It is our deepest prayer that you will take advantage of the books available exposing these people for who they are.

DMI exists to help educate, warn and refute these and other heretical trends attacking the Body of Christ. We are very thankful for the regular support we receive but we really do need many more of our readers to step-up and help us fight this war for God’s truth which is why our motto is:

Teaching Truth & Exposing Error

In May Rev. Liichow will be speaking at a conference in Minnesota. He and his wife, Tracy, will be driving, staying at a hotel and eating (on occasion). If past history has proved anything, these conferences are very valuable to those who attend, but a great financial drain to the ministries, who make the presentations. Please pray about giving towards the expense of going to this conference now, so that in May DMI will have been able to produce its materials.  Thank you.



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