By the Grace of God

8 07 2009
Truth Matters Newsletter – June 2005 – Vol. 10 Issue 6 – By the Grace of God – by Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Celebrate the Passing of Another Year By the Grace of God

(And much to the dismay of those who have been cursing him prophetically)

 I really do cherish each year the Lord allows me to spend on this planet. This particular facet of Christ’s ministry is a very difficult field to plow in many respects and when my eyes drift from Christ it is easy to become discouraged.

To those people – still trapped in false and aberrant belief systems, DMI represents the work of Satan tearing apart the Body of Christ, sowing discord among the brethren and we undoubtedly have a spirit of Jezebel as well as a Pharisaical spirit to boot! In the minds of many DMI has dared to touch God’s anointed in the public forum of books, radio, tapes, CD’s, conferences and on the Internet. They drive their point of view home with literally 100’s of emails each month, which call us everything but a Christian. Their statements and attacks replete with dire “prophetic” words do not sway me an inch off course, assaults such as these go with the territory.

I am not swayed by them because I am very pleased to report that many of those who once cursed me, now bless our Lord for raising people up who are willing to tell them the truth and expose the errors they were formerly following. In a word “good fruit” has been borne and is being brought froth by God’s gracious Spirit through us and others laboring in this field.

The great comfort and joy I receive from working in this ministry is two-fold: (1) I am doing what God has called me to do and therein lies a tremendous blessing. (2) The people our Lord has raised up to support us have become like family to us and we thank God daily for each and every one of you who do give to keep DMI a force to be reckoned with in the arena of ideas.

As the summer heat goes up and donations historically go down, it is my birthday wish (I know hope has no substance and that faith is the substance of things “hoped” for ) that this summer DMI will see an increase in finances to such a degree that by the fall we will be able to begin to implement some further stages of expansion of His ministry. Please pray for us and pray about what the Lord would have you do in support of this work. We really need all our readers giving something on a regular basis. 

Rev. Robert S. Liichow




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