A Cry For Help

15 07 2009

Truth Matters Newsletter – September 2005 – Vol. 10 Issue 9 – A Cry For Help – to Discernment Ministries International.

A Cry For Help

A couple of years ago DMI established a “policy” of helping at least one foreign ministry request for support in the form of our books, tapes, and CD’s. Almost every month DMI received requests for either materials or for Rev. Liichow to come and instruct their leaders.

As our readers know 9 times out of 10 either request is simply impossible to fulfill due to financial constraints. In 2005 DMI has not supported any foreign ministry and below is a cry for help that I believe you and I should respond to:

Dear Christian friend,

Please thank you for taking your time for contacting me and my church members. Please we also thank you for what ever you want to send to us. Please we are fasting and praying that what you able to send us. Our Almighty God will also pay you back as it is written in the bible at Luke 6:38 that, Give and it shall be given unto you. Please below is my address;

Pastor Asamoah Frepong

Church of the Pentecoste  P.O. Box SE 737    Suame-Kumasi,  Ghana-West-Africa

Please hope to hear from you soon, Please I am waiting for you good reply.

I would like to send this pastor our materials, especially our books which will help equip him and other leaders to discern truth form error. It is very expensive to send books overseas and DMI needs your help this month to help our brothers and sisters in Ghana. Currently, DMI simply does not have the funds to send pastor Frepong anything….however with your help we can and we will.

Please pray about helping DMI “teach truth & expose error” in Africa by making a donation to help us produce and ship our books to our brother in Christ.   ♦




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