Mission Support

31 07 2009
Truth Matters Newsletter – February 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 2 – Mission Support for March


Pastor Andrew Nicolas wrote us asking for help. Here is a portion of the e-mail:

I shall appreciate it if you send me English Hoy Bibles to shall to the Pastors and Revs to continues spreading the word of God. If the Lord provides the resources please include 50 New Testaments in English. Also send any other Bible related materials for winning more people to Christ.

Please note: I serve in poor community were the majority are not able to buy Christian materials. And also we have Crusade, Revival meetings, Seminars, Leadership training for both Woman and Men, and personal Evangelism. Your assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated. May the good Lord bless you as you remember the needy.




Through your financial support I am very happy to announce that our fist shipment of Bibles and DMI materials arrived in Rwanda. DMI sent a small initial box of Bibles and Bible Software programs to Nepal. We will be sending the rest of the shipment of Bibles (in the picture) and other materials when we know the first shipment has arrived.





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