Missionary Outreach: Madagascar

19 08 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – April 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 4 – April’s Missionary Outreach: Madagascar – by Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

April’s Missionary Outreach: Madagascar

While attending a conference at Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. I met a Pastor who oversees several Lutheran congregations and he was very interested in the work of DMI and so for April, a “tithe” will go into producing our materials and shipping them to him to distribute among the other Pastors he oversees. By the time you read this newsletter, God willing our bibles will have been sent to Pastor Andrew Nicolas in Ghana!

I rejoice in giving away Bibles and our materials overseas for several reasons: (1) It promotes the truth of god’s word and gives glory to Him, (2) DMI gets to expose the lies, hypocrisy, false doctrine and practices of other Sinistries coming from America. (3) Lastly, it is an economical way to get the message out, versus having me fly overseas and teach for a few days. Lord willing we will have the updated computer equipment to create and send fully interactive DVD’s to our brothers and sisters overseas. Without your support this would not be happening. Thanks be to God!




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