Missions Support Update

21 09 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – November 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 1 – Missions support update – Robert S. Liichow


Last month I shared that Discernment Ministries International starting in January 2006 would begin to support foreign missions based on what is given to us each Month Actually we started in December by sending a box of DMI books, Bibles and compact disks to our brother Benjamin Kwisera in Kigali, Rwanda. As a ministry we are trusting God to bless us as we give, even as we ask Him to bless you for your faithful support. By the grace of God at year’s end, DMI will have sent materials to twelve nations.

We have a list of foreign workers who have already sought our support. For January DMI is sending books, Bibles, compact disks and DVD’s to the following ministry:

Dear Rev. Liichow and family,

Greetings and have blessed and happy Christmas to you too my brother! Thank you so much for your kind, quick and blessed response. Let us not worry together brother! Even though we are small, we are lead by almighty God. It is God’s promise for us, Isaiah 60:22. Thank you for your kind words about our needs. There are many needs that we need to pray together to extend His kingdom here in Nepal. But right now whatever you can help[ us to further the Kingdom her in Nepal we ask your help, cooperation and whatever you can do my brother. Bibles are most needed one, please send us as much as possible. And what about CD’s and DVDs ? Is it film regarding to gospel or bible software or….? Anyway we love to have it too. We have access to operate it. Could you send us Bible software Cds too?




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