A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action

16 12 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – August 2007 -Vol. 12 Issue 8 – A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action – By Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action

At the end of June DMI had $80.00 in the bank, which meant the July newsletter would not be sent out to everyone. What I was forced to do was write a letter to those people who had been receiving Truth Matters , but for whatever reasons had never made a donation to the ministry. You who are reading this did not receive a letter because you do give and your support is deeply appreciated.

As a small ministry we simply cannot afford to “carry” hundreds of people who do not give back something to help us carry out our vision of Teaching Truth & Exposing Error. The good news is that several people who did receive a letter were gracious to give and thus the July newsletter & the August newsletter were able to be prepared and mailed.

There are some exciting changes planned for 2008 and I’m asking you to please do two thing: (1) Pray with us that our Lord will raise up more faithful individuals to support the ministry. (2) That you will continue to remain faithful and do the best you can to help us in our mission.

In closing let me just say again how grateful DMI is for each one of you and your prayers, love, friendship and support. As always, if you have specific, questions about ministries, ministers or prayer requests please contact me at Bliichow@juno.com  (I answer all my email).

His servant and yours,

Rev. Bob Liichow



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