Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter!

1 03 2010

Truth Matters Newsletters – June 2009 – Vol. 14 Issue 6 – Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter! – by Rev. Bob Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter!

It is mandatory that one be gracious when wished “happy birthday.” Ok, I admit that I am grateful to be alive, taking sustenance and exposing error and teaching truth. Honestly by now I had hoped to be on the “Call List” of the MI. District of the LCMS. After all, I have completed the seminary work assigned and completed the six month vicarage at Resurrection Lutheran Church, so I assumed the Colloquy Committee in St. Louis would approve my work and send me on to be considered to pastor an LCMS congregation in MI. What I did not know, nor expect, was that my vicarage supervisor, Pastor Benjamin would lie to my face, tell me one thing and then tell the Committee another. The result, initially based on his comments was that I needed to take another year in vicarage! The bottom line is this: I have appealed their decision and have given the Committee the truth regarding my vicarage and I am hoping they will reconsider their decision and allow me to be considered for a pastorate in the LCMS.

In all honesty, it has been (so far) a very depressing summer for me. People I trusted have turned out to be liars, once again. Things have gotten very “tight” concerning DMI’s ministry and now my pastoral work is seemingly on hold. “ All I can do is two things: (1) ask you to pray for me personally and DMI; (2) remain faithful in your support of DMI, currently it is the only way I have of supporting my family after ministry expenses. Knowing this in closing, I do pray for all of you and I can pray specifically for your needs if you will make them known to me via email at Bliichow@juno.com or you can call me at 313-319-8673.




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