The Website is Back up!

2 03 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – June 2009 – Vol. 14 Issue 6 – The Website is Back up! – by Rev. Bob Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

The Website is Back up!

By Rev. Robert S. Liichow

After being down for several months I can report, thanks be to God that it is back up at a slightly new address:

I would personally like to thank Doug and Sherry for their kind contributions specifically to get the website back online, without their sacrificial giving and that of others it would not have happened. It still needs a lot of updating, but overall the basic information is back and available to individuals and ministries around the world.

There is a new facet to the website now as well. We have a direct link on the top of the first page to our blog. Our Blog was created by Sherry and she maintains it. She just added a recent YouTube video exposing Mr. Crouch, the Founder of TBN for the liar and Gospel pimp he is. If you are online please go and check out the video clip  it verifies what DMI has been writing about the Crouches and the TBN empire for years. Frankly, it is nice having a television station do some investigative reporting on what we have known to be true for years.

Now our detractors cannot say that DMI has simply been slinging mud and trying to speak against a “man of God.” DMI stands behind all of our criticisms of TBN and the Crouches. We do however pray for Mr. and Mrs. Crouch that God will grant them repentance. We also pray for the people who give millions each month to enrich the Crouches.

Copyright 2009 Robert S. Liichow



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