Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter!

14 06 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – May 2010 – Vol. 15 Issue 6 – Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter! – By Tracy Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

Happy Birthday Heresy Hunter!

By Tracy Liichow

It was this time last year when your assigned vicarage ended and you waited with eager expectation to be called to serve again as a pastor only to have that hope deferred for another year. Yet during that time of great frustration, depression and near financial ruin I have seen the mercy of our Lord sustain you and enable you to keep our portion of His ministry going in the face of ever dwindling donations.

Your commitment to upholding His truth and battling against doctrinal error will pay eternal dividends on that Day. I thank God for you, for our marriage and family. One thing is for certain, it has not been boring. Happy birthday my love.





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