Happy Fathers Day!

15 06 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – May 2010 – Vol. 15 Issue 6 – Happy Fathers Day! – By Rovert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

Happy Fathers Day!

By Robert S. Liichow

Fathers serve as rudders that steer their families for better or worse. Sadly, I live in a city in which the majority of the households lack a “father” in the family. Due to two generations lacking solid godly fathers has brought Detroit to the sorry shape it is in now.

Our role as fathers has never been more critical than it is now. The condition of our society is such that we must help steer our children through the minefield of corruption that faces them on every turn.

Be encouraged that your Father and mine has promised to give us wisdom if we but ask, and this is one dad, who needs to ask for a lot of wisdom in raising his child.

DMI prays for all of our partners, but on Fathers Day our prayers will be geared towards the needs of fathers. As always, DMI is open to pray for any and all prayer requests. Please contact Rev. Liichow at 313-319-8673 or via Email at Bliichow@juno.com




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