MAY 21st

29 04 2011
Truth Matters Newsletters – April 2011 – Vol. 16 Issue 4 – May 21st – Rev. Robert Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

MAY 21st

As we have been told Judgment Day is May 21st just about a month from your reading of this newsletter. Since Jesus is to return on that day why not go ahead and send DMI ALL of your money. You won’t need it in heaven and since I am a “doubter” regarding the date of this marvelous event, I will no doubt have to tribulate at least three-and-a-half years and will need the income. A loaf of bread will cost a day’s wage, etc.

If our Lord does not come and catch-up the watching faithful (Family Life Radio listeners) on that date DMI will cheerfully return your money to you, minus a ten percent (10%) shipping and handling fee. There has to be some penalty for being that gullible.




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