Discernment Ministry International NEEDS Your FINANCIAL HELP NOW

5 07 2011

Discernment Ministry International NEEDS Your


I can’t make it any plainer than that. Donations are way down and expenses are up. If we did not need your support, we would not ask, as you well know. Please help us this summer as best you can.

Thank you!



BY Darryl Marini

DMI was given a CD by Darryl Marini entitled “Reverence” and I must admit that both Tracy and I enjoy Darryl’s laidback devotional songs and expert guitar playing. I recommend it as a worthy addition to anyone’s CD collection. To learn more about brother Darryl simply go to www.darrylmarini.com

(Just so ya know this is an unsolicited endorsement DMI asks nor expects anything from the sales of any of Darryl’s CD’s we are just glad to help him out a bit.).





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