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After graduating from the University of Michigan Rev. Robert Liichow became involved in the Charismatic Renewal Movement. He and his wife Tracy, have been part of five sub-movements: the Word-of-Faith Movement; The Prophetic Movement; The Apostolic Movement; The Signs & Wonders Movement, and the Discipleship Movement.

Rev. Robert S. Liichow  graduated with a Masters degree from MTS. He is founder of Discernment Ministries International, an Apologetic and Polemics ministry devoted to teaching truth and exposing error.  Robert and his wife Tracy, are Conference speakers, prolific writers, Church consultants and exit counselors.  Rev. Liichow also has spoken frequently on Issues etc. and other radio and broadcasting outlets.  

* Robert Liichow is also the Author of the Book: blessing or Judgment? The Origin of Manifestations in the Church – 2002.  He has also produced numerous booklets, and written several contributing articles for others discernment journals and newsletters. His publications and articles have been widely viewed and have been quoted: CNN – Larry King Live, and others, and is an expert on Charismatic issues.

For close to 2 decades Robert S. Liichow has contended earnestly for the Faith. He furthered his education in 2008,  at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.

DMI also produces a monthly Newsletter-Truth Matters, and is available to it’s monthly supporters.  Please consider supporting this ministry.

Contact: Discernment Ministries International   2762 E. Lafayette St. Detroit, Michigan 48207

    Email:  Bliichow@juno.com

You can reach our website at:  http://www.newdiscernment.org  and – Blog –  https://discernmentministriesinternational.wordpress.com/



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