The Founder’s Annual Letter

29 12 2011

Truth Matters Newsletters – December 2011 – Vol. 16 Issue 12 -The Founder’s Annual Letter – Rev. Robert Liichow

 Discernment Ministries International

 The Founder’s Annual Letter

 A truly heartfelt blessed Christmas season to you all. What can I say but how grateful I am to our Lord? He has shown Himself to me as the merciful High Priest He is and allowed me to continue to serve a portion of His flock through this mission of “Teaching Truth and Exposing Error.”

 This year,  due to the labors of our dear sister Sherry DuBois past issues of Truth Matters has been viewed by over one hundred thousand people (100,000).  Sister DuBois has done this work without any financial compensation from DMI (yet),  and she has never asked for any.  I am humbled that God would allow that many people to peruse my scribblings.

 I am also a bit fearful, because I too see though a mirror darkly and even my very best is still tainted by my fallenness. I know that as an ordained Teacher of God’s Word I will be judged with a stricter judgment (James 3:1). Upon my recently learning of those many “hits” on the Blog it has straightened my focus when I now write.

 None of these people would have been exposed to what I have been permitted to share without you, our readers. Due to your faithful support Discernment Ministries International has endeavored to Teach Truth and Expose Error for over sixteen years using a wide array of means.

My sincerest THANKS to each and every one of you who have prayed for us, given financially and shared what you’ve learned with others! May our Lord’s deep and abiding peace be yours in the year ahead.

His servant and yours,

 Rev. Robert S. Liichow