A Serious Matter

21 03 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – November 2009 – Vol. 14 Issue 11 – A Serious Matter – by Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

A Serious Matter

Last month DMI received approximately four (4) donations. Many of our faithful partners have not given in the last several months. This naturally concerns us at DMI.

If you have stopped giving, what has happened? Our goals and ministry have not changed, only our financial needs are much more desperate now than ever and we need your faithful support in order to continue Teaching Truth and Exposing Error.


Thanks For Making 2008 Possible

15 02 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – January 2009 – Vol. 14 Issue 1 – Thanks for making 2008 possible – by Rev. Bob Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

Thanks For Making 2008 Possible

2008 was in many ways a very difficult year financially for DMI. Yet due to the faithful participation of our partners the ministry was able to weather the financial storms.

Sometimes people fail to realize how vital their support is on even the smallest levels. As Founder of DMI I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for everyone who has supported us with their prayers and finances.

Already in 2009 DMI has been receiving requests from overseas, India in particular to send our materials along with Bibles. I know from the past thirteen years that when the Lord sends people our way who have needs that He also is speaking to hearts to help meet those needs. I have faith that this will be the case now even in these financially challenging times. Again, I thank God for your faithfulness and I look forward to another year of

“Teaching Truth & Exposing Error”

His servant and yours,

Rev. Bob Liichow

Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not

25 01 2010
Truth Matters Newsletters – May 2008 Vol. 13 Issue 5 – Ye Have Not Because Ye ask Not By Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not…James 4:2

By Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Anyone who has supported Discernment Ministries International for any length of time knows that we strive not to continually ask our partners for financial support. When DMI does ask it is because we have a serious need for support.

That time has come and we must ask for your help. During the last two months we’ve seen a very significant drop in financial support. It could be due to “tax-time” or other economic pressures, or possibly people simply forgetting to send in a donation.

As most of you know DMI is a small ministry but one with a rather large outreach through the internet, our newsletter, books, cd’s and other publications. In April DMI received several appeals for materials from overseas but we have not been able to send anything due to a lack of funds.

We are very thankful for those partners who faithfully give every month, without their faithfulness DMI would not be able to operate at all. Yet many people give sporadically which makes it very difficult to plan ahead, to set a budget and determine who we can help.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I could wave my hands over your donation envelop and decree a “100-fold blessing” on your gift, but I cannot (nor can anyone else for that matter). All I can promise you is that DMI works hard to be good stewards of what is entrusted to us, knowing that one day we will have to give an account to God.

DMI understands financial times are difficult, but we also know that our gracious God does bless giving (how He chooses to bless you is His business). Please help DMI out by making use of the enclosed envelop and helping us meet some very pressing needs. Thanks!

His servant and yours,

Rev. Bob Liichow

A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action

16 12 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – August 2007 -Vol. 12 Issue 8 – A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action – By Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

A Serious Situation That Requires Serious Action

At the end of June DMI had $80.00 in the bank, which meant the July newsletter would not be sent out to everyone. What I was forced to do was write a letter to those people who had been receiving Truth Matters , but for whatever reasons had never made a donation to the ministry. You who are reading this did not receive a letter because you do give and your support is deeply appreciated.

As a small ministry we simply cannot afford to “carry” hundreds of people who do not give back something to help us carry out our vision of Teaching Truth & Exposing Error. The good news is that several people who did receive a letter were gracious to give and thus the July newsletter & the August newsletter were able to be prepared and mailed.

There are some exciting changes planned for 2008 and I’m asking you to please do two thing: (1) Pray with us that our Lord will raise up more faithful individuals to support the ministry. (2) That you will continue to remain faithful and do the best you can to help us in our mission.

In closing let me just say again how grateful DMI is for each one of you and your prayers, love, friendship and support. As always, if you have specific, questions about ministries, ministers or prayer requests please contact me at Bliichow@juno.com  (I answer all my email).

His servant and yours,

Rev. Bob Liichow

Missions Support Update

21 09 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – November 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 1 – Missions support update – Robert S. Liichow


Last month I shared that Discernment Ministries International starting in January 2006 would begin to support foreign missions based on what is given to us each Month Actually we started in December by sending a box of DMI books, Bibles and compact disks to our brother Benjamin Kwisera in Kigali, Rwanda. As a ministry we are trusting God to bless us as we give, even as we ask Him to bless you for your faithful support. By the grace of God at year’s end, DMI will have sent materials to twelve nations.

We have a list of foreign workers who have already sought our support. For January DMI is sending books, Bibles, compact disks and DVD’s to the following ministry:

Dear Rev. Liichow and family,

Greetings and have blessed and happy Christmas to you too my brother! Thank you so much for your kind, quick and blessed response. Let us not worry together brother! Even though we are small, we are lead by almighty God. It is God’s promise for us, Isaiah 60:22. Thank you for your kind words about our needs. There are many needs that we need to pray together to extend His kingdom here in Nepal. But right now whatever you can help[ us to further the Kingdom her in Nepal we ask your help, cooperation and whatever you can do my brother. Bibles are most needed one, please send us as much as possible. And what about CD’s and DVDs ? Is it film regarding to gospel or bible software or….? Anyway we love to have it too. We have access to operate it. Could you send us Bible software Cds too?


Missionary Outreach: Madagascar

19 08 2009

Truth Matters Newsletters – April 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 4 – April’s Missionary Outreach: Madagascar – by Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International

April’s Missionary Outreach: Madagascar

While attending a conference at Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. I met a Pastor who oversees several Lutheran congregations and he was very interested in the work of DMI and so for April, a “tithe” will go into producing our materials and shipping them to him to distribute among the other Pastors he oversees. By the time you read this newsletter, God willing our bibles will have been sent to Pastor Andrew Nicolas in Ghana!

I rejoice in giving away Bibles and our materials overseas for several reasons: (1) It promotes the truth of god’s word and gives glory to Him, (2) DMI gets to expose the lies, hypocrisy, false doctrine and practices of other Sinistries coming from America. (3) Lastly, it is an economical way to get the message out, versus having me fly overseas and teach for a few days. Lord willing we will have the updated computer equipment to create and send fully interactive DVD’s to our brothers and sisters overseas. Without your support this would not be happening. Thanks be to God!



17 08 2009

Truth Matters Newsletter – August 2009 – Need your support now – by Robert S. Liichow


In fourteen years my wife and I have rarely had to appeal to our readers to give to our family specifically. Now that time has come.

My wife and I went away to celebrate our 26th anniversary by visiting my mother, sister, and her family in Southern California. We flew from Detroit as their guests, all expenses paid and I admit it was an exquisite time for Tracy (who has never seen the pacific ocean) and I.

Upon our return, Tracy went to work on Monday, as usual, only to be told that she was “laid off.” prior to our leaving she was told her lay-off date would be August 14th! So she and our household were surprised to learn Tracy would not have at least another full paycheck before her layoff. It seems that was not to be.

Tracy has since been looking into receiving unemployment compensation and food stamps to help keep our family “alive” regarding rent, food, insurance, etc.

My brothers and sisters DMI has depended upon God to meet our needs through our readers, website guests, blog visitors etc…Right now I am asking YOU, as the Head of DMI, if you will permit my family to utilize the financial gifts that come in this month to help offset our living expenses for this month? Honestly, we have nothing financially, apart from looming bankruptcy, in the way of savings, etc. Nor does DMI.

We, as many of you have known, live month by month, as we have for close to 15 years. This was with Tracy working 40 hours+, now that is gone and we have no “social-safety net” to fall upon apart from the generosity of God’s people. Please help my family during this time of need and may our gracious God bless and keep you in His truth.

Rev. Robert S. Liichow

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 15639, Detroit, Michigan  48215


Proverbs 19:17

He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.



10 08 2009
Truth Matters Newsletters – March 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 3 – Bibles sent to Nepal! – by Robert S. Liichow

Discernment Ministries International


DMI is pleased to announce that two boxes of Bible and our materials have been shipped to our brother in Nepal. He received the first smaller box with no problems so we went ahead and prepared a larger box (which FedEx wanted to ship for $183+…we said “no thanks” to them) and shipped via the US Post Office. By the time you read this newsletter it should have arrived. As I shared in last month’s newsletter, this month we shall be sending Bibles and materials to Ghana and for April we personally know a pastor who is responsible for 1,000’s of Lutheran Christians in Madagascar and he asked for our support.

We thank our Lord not only for the provision He provides through our partners for our own ministry and family life, but now also for their helping DMI spread truth and dispel error through sending His Word and our materials. THANKS A MILLION dear friends!



Robert S. Liichow

Mission Support

31 07 2009
Truth Matters Newsletter – February 2006 – Vol. 11 Issue 2 – Mission Support for March


Pastor Andrew Nicolas wrote us asking for help. Here is a portion of the e-mail:

I shall appreciate it if you send me English Hoy Bibles to shall to the Pastors and Revs to continues spreading the word of God. If the Lord provides the resources please include 50 New Testaments in English. Also send any other Bible related materials for winning more people to Christ.

Please note: I serve in poor community were the majority are not able to buy Christian materials. And also we have Crusade, Revival meetings, Seminars, Leadership training for both Woman and Men, and personal Evangelism. Your assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated. May the good Lord bless you as you remember the needy.




Through your financial support I am very happy to announce that our fist shipment of Bibles and DMI materials arrived in Rwanda. DMI sent a small initial box of Bibles and Bible Software programs to Nepal. We will be sending the rest of the shipment of Bibles (in the picture) and other materials when we know the first shipment has arrived.