The Liichow’s Need Your Prayers

28 12 2009
Truth Maters Newsletters – October 2007 – Vol. 12 Issue 10 – The Liichow’s Need Your Prayers

Discernment Ministries International

The Liichow’s Need Your Prayers

As you know from last month’s issue I have stated back to seminary leaving my wife and our daughter in Detroit. Going back to school is an extremely expensive venture for us, but the sacrifice is worth it for the sake of the body of Christ. I’ve been at school for 3 weeks and Satan has unleashed a tremendous wave of spiritual attack against my family. We ask for your prayers in 2 specific areas:

1). Our daughter who has gone to Christian schools for 10 years, been active in church and our ministry since she could talk has “suddenly” come to question the validity of Christianity! Naturally we are devastated by her current stance (a 17 year old she feels she must find her own way). Please pray for Dominique that she will come back to faith in Christ and pray for us that we will minister in wisdom to her.

2). Last Monday September 24th, my wife called me in the evening from Detroit and informed me that she and several others had been laid off from the Real Estate firm she was working for This means that two thirds of our financial base including health insurance vanished in an instant. Please pray that my wife will find a job and that in the mean time our families needs will continue to be met. We deeply appreciate your love, prayers and support. God bless and keep you all.

Rev. Robert S. Liichow